Baby sitting on the beach at kids swim lesson. How early should Hawaii swimming lessons start, is answered by Salty Swim School.

 Coach Victoria has an official answer.

We get this question a lot!

“I personally recommend Kids Swim Lessons

before 9 months old.”

Baby at a swim school in Hawaii. Early swimmer lessons.

Humans, please remember

you are made of water.
You do not have a pocket of water

or an organ that holds it.
Every single cell in your entire body contains equally

such as everything else in life is in balance.
Don’t find yourself “In” the water.
Find yourself “of” it.

Child swim instructor holding one of her students.

From conception, we grew encased in the liquids of life
as the ocean holds the last mysteries on earth.
You are water.
Your mother was your first swim teacher
as you are for yours next.
Be Water.

Embrace your birthright and


Love Coach Victoria