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Ironman vs. The Olympics

Salty Swim School had its first Ironman in 2022. Kona hasn’t seen an Ironman in a couple of years due to the lockdown, but athletes across the globe DID NOT SHUT DOWN. They trained and qualified like never before. Ironman had over 5000 World Championship athletes qualify this year, so they expanded the race to […]

How early do you recommend Swim Lessons?

 Coach Victoria has an official answer. We get this question a lot! “I personally recommend Kids Swim Lessons before 9 months old.” Humans, please remember you are made of water. You do not have a pocket of water or an organ that holds it. Every single cell in your entire body contains equally such as […]

Valerie Learns to Swim with Dolphins

We started swim lessons with her 2-year-old son who was already somehow traumatized by swimming. After a few keiki swimming lessons, he proved currently unwilling to address his fears, so I looked at mom. With all due respect and Love and Healing for all, Mom is a beautiful, educated, smart, black, Woman who quickly admitted […]